The CCT adjustable LED light is usually made by LEDs with two different colors and adjusted by the current variation. The CCT adjusted is not accurate while sports lighting needs a stable and exact CCT to render ball and scene.

All water-proof drivers are sealed by rubber and glue. After exposed in the sunshine, the rubber and glue become hot. When it rains, the hot rubber and glue will become aged or even broken very soon. If the rubber broken,rain can go into the driver directly and cause the driver failure.

  • By using individual driver box, the heat from the LED goes to air directly rather than to driver box, then junction temperature of the PCB is lower. Thus LED can have a more stable performance and a longer lifespan.
  • Since the heat from the PCB does not go to driver directly, this ensures a better working environment for drivers too.
  • Maintenance of the control box is much easier the maintenance of the LED module one by one.

All wireless smart control has limitations on the distance and equipment quantity. Big project always needs more than one smart control, whose signal can be easily influenced by outdoor environment. However, wired connection does not have this limitation. Thus its signal transmission is more stable.

The entertainment pitch post can start with 12 -15 meters, the club pitch should be 18-30 meters to reduce the spillage and glare. The Stadium pitch post usually is 40-55 meters.

To get an accurate lighting budget, the light quantity and photometric distribution should be clear. To know this, a lighting design is necessary. And to make lighting design, project size, post height, post position will be needed. Thus, when you want to know how much money you will have to spend on your courts, you’d better to prepare a drawing and send it to a designer.

To have your court properly designed, you can go to a lighting consultant company and enquiry a proposal. Then you can also go to a contract company and present your courts drawing to them for an idea. However, the most cost effective way is to enquiry a sports light manufacture such as Enkarl lighting to get a free design.

When you are going to place your order to your supplier, you can tell their sales if you have a shipping agent or not. If not, you can ask them to find a shipping agent for you. As a mature supplier, they always have a good shipping resources for you. For small orders, you can ask Fedex, DHL, or UPS. For big orders, you can ask sea freight shipping.

You will have to check your local tax on the importing things, the HS code is very important. For the same product, different HS code can be used tosave importing duty. In some of the countries, the LED floodlight duty can be 0%.

After the new guidance from UK’s government, CE can be continuously used in UK. That means UKCA not compulsory.