Phoenix Outdoor LED Floodlight | Sports Floodlight | Area Lighting From 480W – 1800W

Key Features:

  1. Individual smooth oval angle module to slow down wind velocity on the post.
  2. Symmetrical and asymmetrical beam angles
  3. Thin and deep aluminum Fin heat sinks for maximum cooling and minimum weight 5. Sectored Locking design takes in triangle stability to fasten an accurate aiming angle.
  4. High CRI up to 95 presents this world as colorful as possible, which is not only good for sports floodlighting but also a showroom and photographing lighting
  5. AkzoNobel maritime powder-coated surface
  6. Protractor calibration on the locking surface makes aiming become easy.
  7. Anti-UV tempered glass cover
  8. Anti-condensation breather to stop moisture accumulation caused by temperature fluctuations.
  9. H05RN-F rubber cable with bird-proof sleeves.
  10. Philips LEDs and Meanwell Driver/ IP67/IK10/20 KA Surge protection
  11. Supports Dali/Zigbee/DMX Control, time control, light ratio control and RGBW control.
  12. Ranges from 480W – 1800W.

Azure LED Outdoor Floodlight - Sports Lighting - outdoor security lighting - 50W - 960W Key Features

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Phoenix Outdoor LED Floodlight For Stadium / Sports / Area Lighting

Phoenix stadium floodlight designed to provide superior lighting solutions for areas that require strict control of floodlighting and glare, such as residential areas, port facilities, natural parks, and HDTV sports facilities.

The asymmetrical photometric distribution is applicable to 110 x 68 m football fields, one of the biggest sizes. With four pieces of 18 m posts, each equipped with 1800W Phoenix lights, your football field will be well-lit from all four corners without tilt-up.

Pipe heat-dissipation and individual gear box are the keys to lower the Aluminum Floodlight weight, 1800 W Phoenix only to be 26kg.

By carefully design, It has extremely super short and compact structure also, 1800W to be 777mm long and 305 mm high.

Due to the low weight and compact structure, Phoenix is a fantastic solution for both newly- build and retrofit projects with 2000W HID lamps.


Product Key Features

A Solution to Light Pollution

More and more sports facilities and recreational grounds are having to adhere to stringent criteria over the permissible level of light pollution. The Aritena Series provides asymmetric distribution to counteract light overspill giving you complete control over surrounding areas. The slider at the right side is an example of what can be achieved.

Photometric Diagram

Key Features


Suitable Applications

Aritena Series LED Floodlights Are Your Best Choices For Outdoor Lighting.

If you are looking for a professional lighting solution for yards, tennis courts, basketball fields, soccer fields, parliament MUGA fields, rugby fields, cricket fields, baseball fields, school play grounds, ports, ship, stadium, crane and other open areas, you can find the best one here.

We will provide you a Free Lighting Calculation and installation guidance.

Aritena Series Floodlight Specifications

LED Outdoor Floodlight Products Certificates

In compliance with stringent test standards, all Enkarl’s products are tested and certificated by CNAS/CRM/A2LA/NVLAP approved lab. Test contents include photometry ( LM79/LM80), thermal management (TM21), performance, blue light hazard, electrical and electromagnetic compatibility, vibration, water-proof, impact resistance.

IEC 60068-2-6 / IEC 60529 / IEC 62262 / EN 55015 / EN 61000-3-2 / EN 61000-3-3 / EN 61547 / EN 60598 / EN 62493