1200W Arias Stadium Asymmetrical Floodlight

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WechatIMG1879 scaled e1646220207798 - 1200W Arias Stadium Asymmetrical Floodlight

1200W Arias Stadium Asymmetrical Floodlight

Perfect Combination of Artificial lighting and Dark-sky

Shen Zhen Institue of Technology Improves Light Levels and Adheres to City’s Energy Management with Arias Sports lighting system

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With the existing lights at Shenzhen Institue of Technology (SZIT) failing to get enough light, running excessive amounts of energy, and maintenance becoming impossible, SZIT moved on LED floodlight system over its Football Pitch. Apart from getting a better light and uniformity, the new LED lighting system needs to conform to energy-efficiency and dark-sky, which minimize spill and glare, and save DPS money in the long-term. After looking a wide range of options, but crediting on past successes, SZIT found that Enkarl’s Arias Sports floodlight system was the best to meet their requirements.

WechatIMG1888 scaled e1646220082907 - 1200W Arias Stadium Asymmetrical Floodlight

  • This football pitch is leveled as the SZ students’ competition stadium. Both students and spectators enjoy a better visible experience with the refurnished lighting system, delivering 500 lux over the field while keep uniformity ratio to be 0.7.  
  • SZITwill deduct more carbon footprint and save more energy cost in the long term as 80% of energy deduction. The smart control system makes the university to manage the lighting in time by a single single touch.
  • Driversand residents nearby this pitch will not be harmed by the spillage and glare due to the exclusive anti-glare design.
  • No maintenancecost will be generated to SZIT as the even after 20 years the luminosity over the field can keep 70% of the initial level.
  • SZIT found the perfect lighting solution for its badminton courts and tennis courts as they found Arias sports floodlighting has a great performance over the football pitch.




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