Why Enkarl LED Floodlight Is Your Top Choice For Sports Venues?

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The best LED sports Floodlight Solution

Why Enkarl LED Floodlight Is Your Top Choice For Sports Venues?

A Study on Enkarl LED Sports Floodlight and its Application

1. General Sports Lighting Principles

The following principles should guide and be applied when selecting a new sports lighting system or making alterations to an existing system:

  • Players’ comfort and performance are not hindered by the field illuminance system.
  • Spectators should be able to watch and enjoy the game without suffering any discomfort
    caused by the lighting system.
  • Illuminance levels and uniformity comply with the requirements of the relevant competition category, with soft shadows where possible; if it is for broadcasting competition, then CRI should meet the latest broadcasting lighting requirement.
  •  The ability to match officials to perform effectively should not be hindered by the lighting
  •  The lighting system must be reliable and effective for the given location. The contractor should have a careful survey on the specific conditions that are relevant for the venue location.
  •  Design Team should fully assess the environmental impact of a lighting system and be committed to achieving an environmentally sustainable solution.

2. Characters of Enkarl LED Sports Floodlight

2.1 High Uniformity 

Lighting systems, mounting, and aiming are the main factors that direct the final result of a sports lighting project. The essential requirement for a lighting system is to make sure players and spectators enjoy the games without any suffering caused by lighting. And uniformity is the first vital index to evaluate a floodlight.

2.2 High CRI

Enkarl floodlight has chosen Ledil lenses, collaborating with a good LED light source from Lumileds or Osram, to achieve excellent uniformity. It is a proven solution to provide the maximum possible for the accurate ball hitting, especially in the fastball competition. HD cameras can render players’ facial expressions in HDTV broadcasting project with high colour rendering index features.

2.3 Thorough Control of Glare and Spillage Light

Glare and flickers are the main reason to distract players and spectators. Lighting should provide uniform illumination over the field appropriate for the proposed grade of play. Enkarl Arias series LED floodlight adopts a sharp cut-off hood, together with its 45 °inclined modules to achieve a comprehensive glare control. Compared to those flatly settled modules, 45 °inclined modules will allow more light to go through the hood while avoiding direct contact with human eyes.

2.4 Non- Flickers

Based on suggestions from the international sports league, the flicker factor of a floodlight should be below 5% to avoid its negative influence on human health and HDTV broadcasting. Enkarl only uses Mean Well or Philips’ Non-Flicker’s drivers to make sure players and spectators are not annoyed by flickers both on-site and online.

2.5 Intelligent Control

  • The function of Intelligent Control

A sound lighting system must be able to be quickly and efficiently handled. Remote switches will allow the club to switch the light on/off from an accessible source, usually the clubhouse particularly useful on a dark winter evening. Variable controls will enable the club to illuminate part of the field or any level of the lighting they want to use, perfect for those league clubs designed for the international tournament while open for daily training.

  • Enkarl Intelligent Control

Enkarl Floodlight supports remote and intelligent lighting control such as Zigbee/Dali/DMX. It allows remote control and automatic control. Club officials don’t have to keep their eyes on the time to make sure light will work properly in time. All they need is a presetting. They don’t have to stay at the club for lighting control only if they have Wi-Fi or a 4 G device in hand.

2.6 Strong in Anti-Corrosion

  • Demanding EnvironmentalRequirement

The outdoor lighting environment is complicated. The harsh natural environment dictates the different requirements of a floodlight. The coastal climate requires strong anti-corrosion ability, while the bird’s roost environment requires protection from direct bird drop and pecking. Cold weather needs an extended ambient temperature solution. Reliable outdoor lighting equipment must have taken natural harshness and local application into consideration during the design.

  • Enkarl Anti-corrosion Solution

All Enkarl floodlights use AkzoNobel Powder to keep a maximum of 25 years of painting retention. Arias series floodlight is a designed solution for harsh environment and birds roost. Its built-in anti-condensation breather prevents moisture build-up inside the housing as a result of ambient temperature fluctuations.

2.7 Absolute Control of Light Pollution

It is an estimation that more than 80% of the population in the world are under light pollution. A good lighting project should be able to minimize this negative influence on residents and living being. The best way is to control its upward light and spillage. Enkarl takes an innovative sports lighting conception that brings asymmetric floodlight into the next step by combining on-pitch performance with absolute control of obtrusive light.

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