Why should choose Enkarl?

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Why should choose Enkarl?

Why Should You Choose Enkarl Electronics as Your Business Partner?

When you start a new business, you must expect a good supplier with reliable products which can enhance your business. As LED market becomes more and more competitive, it is harder and harder to find a reliable source with a good price. More and more manufactures focus on the price at the cost of quality. LED business has been divided into segments of components supplying and assemble. However, should the LED technology be like this?


During all the past business communication, I collected several cases about the existing problems of LED lamp and would like to share my opinions on it.


  1. The deficiency of protective components


  • Deficiency of driver box is the most common problem of the cheap floodlights these days. Manufactures claim the driver is IP67 or IP 68 thus it is not a problem that leave the driver outside. However, if manufactures knows the exposeddriver will have many opportunities that the working drivers will be in rains and the rubber of drivers will be broken then the drivers would fail, they will not be so confident in telling you the driver box deficiency is fine.
  • Deficiency of wire glands is another problem. Manufactures are believing the wires sealed with rubber can be directly gotten it out from the lamps. But this is not always true. En 60598 thinks all wires coming out from the driver box need to be sealed by glands that match the same water-proof standard of the floodlight. If they have known the rubber will be depreciated gradually when exposing in the harsh environment andbroken when keeping touching the sharp metal box, they will tell you this glands will be necessary.


  1. Connection box and connection plug


Any LED lamp need to use connectors or connection plug to fix the wire. The cheap floodlight will definitely use a plastic connection plug rather than fasten by screws. This will not have a problem at the early stage. But as time goes, the plastic connection plug would be loosen then the lamp would be gone. How will you do when your client complain to you for such a stupid but serious issue?


  1. Aging test and inspection before delivery


Have you ever gotten the problem that your lamps are scratched when arrive at you? Can you imagine what will happen if your products are put into the package directly without any check? If your are lucky enough when you had this kind of product, it could be fine. But if not, you could find the dimming function could not work or the lamp LED is flickering.You could also find the wire length is not your client required and the label is in wrong position.

  1. Photo-metrical information and Technical reference


Have you experienced the stress that the lumen on the ground is not enough when the project is at the final stage of inspection? If you do have, then the problem is the photo-metircal information is inaccurate. This inaccuracy can be cause by the optic and lumen data.

  1. Lead time and communication


Have you gotten the embarrassment that your Chinese supplier don’t know what you are trying to explain? This is not only the language problem but different thinking way. Chinese philosophy is “Almost” while western philosophy is “Accurate”. The person you are dealing with is very important, which decide if your bespoke requirement can be achieved.


Have you also gotten the embarrassment that when it comes to your lead time while your order is not proceeded? This is because the Chinese supply chain can be delayed from the origin.


If you do have the concerns mentioned above, please choose Enkarl Electronics as your business partner.


In Enkarl, we have professional technician teams, skilled working teams, comprehensive purchase teams, high educated sales team. We have modern LED testing equipment and strict management & inspection system. All Enkarl’s products are compatible with IEC 60598 standards and fully inspected before delivery. Our sales team will pay full attention on your specific requirement and keep efficient update with you.


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