The Best Tennis Court Lighting Project for FIT

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Federation Italian Tennis court lighting

The Best Tennis Court Lighting Project for FIT

Arias LED floodlight Improves Lighting  in FIT Courts

What is FIT?

Federation Italian Tennis court lighting
FIT tennis court project by Arias asymmetric TRI

Enkarl lighting has finished its Federation Italian Tennis (FIT) job in Italia on June 10th and won clients high appreciation.

“This is the lighting as good as any big brand sports lighting in the world, but much more cost-effective”, said the chairman of FIT.

The Italian Tennis Federation is the national governing body for the Tennis sport in Italy, starting its business in 1910. It organizes its members to participate APT cup and Davis & Fed cup.

The tennis club that Enkarl lighting finished has sent many athletes to win ATP champions over the past years. Its member, Carla Giambelli, just won her first Europe tennis tournament among the teams younger than fourteen years old, both in single and double.

FIT Lighting Project by Arias LED Floodlight

Original Lighting

Original lighting for comparision


  • Heavy light depreciation
  • Highly tilt-up
  • Heavy weight & Large Size

Replacement by Arias LED Sport Floodlight

—12 pieces of 200W are applied to each court.

Horizontal Installation

Original HID lamp

Feedback of  this lighting refurishment

Testing result

Benifits of the replacement

  • This FIT tennis court club’s lighting situation is greatly improved. It meets the final lighting requirement of FIT and LTA.
  • Players in this club can enjoy the game better.
  • It provides a sucessful lighting solution case to the clubs around.
  • The good lighting will bring more customer to this club.


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