Azure LED Floodlight For Sylvania Water Tennis Court LED Lighting Project

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Azure LED Floodlight For Sylvania Water Tennis Court Lighting Project

Azure LED Floodlight For Sylvania Water Tennis Court LED Lighting Project

Sylvania Water Tennis Court LED Floodlighting Project In Australia

Project Overview

Tennis court LED lighting solution for Sylvania Water Tennis Centre (SWTC).

SWTC is a professional tennis training centre in Sutherland Shire. After several years running, their original Halide lighting had been very dark. SWTC consulted Enkarl’s Australian distributor for LED Lighting replacement in September 2019 and approved the Enkarl solution in June 2019. After careful surveys and designs, Enkarl’s 600W Azure LED floodlight furnished SWTCin Sep 2020.

Sylvania Waters Tennis Centre (SWTC)

Sylvania Water Tennis Court LED lighting project in Australia
Address: 223c Belgrave Esplanade, Sylvania Waters NSW 2224


  1. Heavy light depreciation.
  2. Six low posts for six courts
  3. Costal environment.
  4. Birds habitat.
  5. Old posts

STWC  Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting Solution

    1. Lux requirement: Based on Australian outdoor sports lighting standard AS2560.2.1, the tennis court club needs a minimum of 350 lux, uniformity 0.7 while glare index below 50.
    2. Equipment choice: LED floodlight with high lumens output and low weight is needed imperatively. Enkarl 600 W Azure floodlights are only 16.5 Kg and deliver 90,000lm output.
    3. Beam angle option: Low post is far from the court centre. Thus 30° is selected.
    4. Installation height: Lower height from 11.5 Mtrs to 9 Mtrs to make sure posts can support these floodlights well.
    5. Marine-grade anti-corrosion:
      • SUS 316 Stainless steel brackets, bolts, and screws.
      • Double coated by AkzoNobel Interpon Powder. Both Powders are tested with standards: ASTM D1735/ AST TM D870/AAMA2604. This powder has been successfully tested five years in Florida 45°S natural environment and 1000 hours in the strong salty environment. 60-80 μm painting for premier and surface.
    1. Anti-bird technology:
      • By “Narrowband wide wave” technology, Azure filters harmful wavelength to birds.
      • Protection to birds dump and birds peck. All cables are protected PUR tubes.
  1. LED Lighting presentation: 
    Azure Series LED Floodlight for Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Court LED Lighting Quantity 24 pieces of Azure Outdoor LED Floodlights
    Power 600W
    Beam Angle 30 degree
    Eavg 393 Lux
    Uniformity 0.7
    Glare max 47


Azure LED Floodlight Gallery

Enkarl Anti-corrosive Technology

All Enkarl’s maritime floodlights are double-coated by AkzoNobel Powder. And the powder is tested with standards: ASTM D1735/ AST TM D870/AAMA2604. The prelim coating is to inactive metallic ion and the second coating is to stop any possible chemical action from water and salt in the air as much as possible. This power is a proven technology with five years test in Florida 45°S natural environment and 1000 hours in the stable salty climate.


600W Azure Series Sports lighting - bird-proof

Enkarl uses “narrowband wide wave” technology and filters unnecessary wavelength that will  cause birdstrike.

8. Renewed Scene

24 pieces of 600 watts Azure left in Shenzhen on Aug 21st, 2020, to Australia. On Sep 23rd, SWTC has beautiful renewed lighting. Both kids and adults players enjoy the new courts.

Sylvania Water Tennis Court Lighting Project - 600W Azure Series LED Floodlight


What do you need to know about Tennis Court LED lighting standards in Australia?

Statistics show that the night tennis court is growing in the sports area every year and club with lighting becomes more and more popular with increased use and revenue.
The reason is outdoor tennis courts with lighting can provide convenience for those people who only have time after daytime work.
The aim of tennis court floodlighting is to provide proper brightness to see a ball against the background. The ball needs to be visible regardless of its location and speed. However, that does not mean the brighter, the better.
The obtrusive light and spillage caused by unnecessary lighting can negatively influence the ecosystem and residents. Many interested parties need to consider when lighting installation is involved, such as the club, its members, local municipal, electricity suppliers, and neighbourhood. We will give some hints in this part.

  1. Government Permission

Many local governments have stringent rules on obtrusive lightings and spillage lights. It is essential to find out local lighting rules on sports lightings as early as possible.

      2.Lighting Levels

AS2560 is Australian Lighting guidance for outdoor and sports lighting.

Table 1: Tennis Court lighting

Level of Play Maintained horizontal Illuminance (@1 m) Maintained Horizontal Uniformities Maximum Glare rating Minimum CRI
U1 U2 U1 U2
Recreational & Residential 250 150 0.6 0.3 0.2 0.1 65 65
Club Competition 350 250 0.6 0.4 0.3 0.2 65 65

& International

1000 800 0.7 0.5 0.5 0.3 65 65

The lux levels refer to brightness 1 meter above the ground, and the Maintenance factor is typically from 0.7-0.9.

3. Types of lighting configuration

The type of lighting system is dependent on if your concern is for a professional or training function. Nowadays, LED is the first choice for tennis courts to save energy. But not all LED can be used as Stadium light; for further information, please click

Good equipment is the decisive factor to your lighting and wallet after the installation.
Professional tennis court lighting system must have the below merits:

  • Good at glare and spillage light control;
  • Good optical distribution;
  • Allows horizontal installation;
  • Provides time and light ratio control.

However, this does not mean you always need the most expensive LED solution. A careful evaluation is necessary before all started. Please click for reference.

Post position and height are also crucial for tennis court lighting. Corners posts and side posts are the most common. For courts with the minimum requirement of 1000 lux, a post equal to or above 16 Mtrs will be good if it is in the corners. However, for single or triple courts with 500 lux, side posts ranging from 8-12 Mtrs can be good choices. Some home tennis court fields can only need 6Mtrs posts.

4. Light lifecycle cost

Compared to the Halide lamp, LED has a much longer lifespan. After 2000 hours, a traditional Halide lamp will only maintain 60-75% of its lumens output at 100 hours. However, a good LED sports lamp will keep at least 50,000 hours before depreciating to 80% of its output lumens at 100 hours. If it only lights 3-6 hours a day, it can last 20 years before replacing. Of course, regular maintenance and cleaning of LED glass and visor are necessary. Thick dust will deduct the lamp’s light output.

If you still don’t have any idea about where you can start with your tennis court lighting, please drop a message to We will have a perfect solution for you.

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